RRR is a multi-disciplinary digital design and software development practice.


RRR realizes projects across interactive, static, and time-based media. RRR does research & development, explores and visualizes data, and builds custom tools and workflows. RRR creates software, often – but not exclusively – using web-technologies. RRR is run by Frederic Brodbeck, and based in Berlin.

Recent work · a website that is just its analytics report · a websites that keeps eye contact with you · a website that lets you leave something behind for the next visitor · a website that is all its past versions
Lectoraat in Film · data visualization, website
PEOPLE Festival · webgl graphics (while employed at ACB)
PEOPLE · independent music platform (freelancing for ACB)
KlimaiteKlimaite · website, shop
One Year Life Strata · data visualization, website · interactive 3D graphics (freelancing for Moniker)


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